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Children At Their Best

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Childhood should be a time of curiosity, a time of self-discovery and a time to learn about the environment and develop a sense of adventure.

This book uses the philosophy of the Five Elements from Chinese medicine (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) and their characteristics, to explore balance in children and help them cope with the demands of the modern world.

It is full of stimulating games and exercises which will nurture children's emotional and physical energies. Activities are designed for children aged three and upwards, and will help children to activate their energy flow and regain harmony, whilst explaining the benefits and theory behind the activities to parents and carers.

This will be a practical and thought-provoking book for parents and adults working with children, looking for original and interesting activities to encourage their child's development.


1. How do our Children Develop?: Overlapping the Western and Eastern View.

2. The Foundation of the Traditional 5-Elements and Their Relationship to Child Development.

3. The 5-Elements in Child Development: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. 
3.1. The Wood Element in Child Development.
3.2. The Fire Element in Child Development.
3.3. The Earth Element in Child Development.
3.4. The Metal Element in Child Development.
3.5. The Water Element in Child Development.

4. 5-Element Examples of Children in Everyday Life.

5. How We Work with Children and the 5-Elements.

6. The Role of Adults in 5-Element Work with Children.

7. Guidelines and Examples for Creating 5-Element Environments for Children in the Home, Schools, and Therapy Settings.

8. Ideas and Exercise Examples from Practice.

9. Example of a Five-Week Project and Community Event for Every Age.

References. Index.



Karin Kalbanter-Wernicke initially trained as a physiotherapist and went on to study shiatsu in Japan for several years. In 1985, together with her husband Dr. Thomas Wernicke, she founded an institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine just outside Frankfurt, Germany. She has written several books in her native German including “Baby Shiatsu”, published in English by Singing Dragon.


Authors: Kalbantner-Wernicke and Wray-Fears Pub 2014 Germany  Pb 256 pages


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