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Improving Classroom Performance

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Dragonfly Training was founded in 1999 and has established an excellent reputation internationally for providing inspiring, realistic and practical training courses for teachers.

In this, their first book, three of their top trainers provide some of the very best hands-on approaches to teaching.

Dragonfly’s six key principles are:

Promote effective starters and plenaries

Provide constant reinforcement as a means of embedding knowledge and provide on-going revision

Introduce a variety of ideas

Do first, teach after – whenever possible

Encourage students to create teaching materials themselves

Demonstrate and articulate success by modelling the desired outcomes

The trainers aim to make your life easier by providing practical strategies that can be used by most teachers, in most subjects, most of the time and by offering insight and ideas to engage, inspire and motivate including:

- How you present yourself in the classroom
- Rules, routines and rituals for establishing effective learning patterns
- Strategies to make your teaching life easier
- Making your classroom the one every student wants to be in
- Making your department the envy of the school and using ICT to the maximum



When I requested this book for review, I was really excited to learn something new to reinvigorate my classroom practice. A few pages in and I felt that it was going to be the same theory repackaged into the authors' own six key principles for effective teaching. However, the more I read, the more I appreciated its clarity and straightforward manner.

The authors are well established and highly successful in their field. They give great advice throughout and question some of the theories of learning that we consider today. They also make the point that good teaching needs variety and in ensuring your lessons are varied you will cater for all of your students.

The second section deals with the everyday reality of teaching and considers strategies to make life easier. A particularly interesting part is about reducing marking workload and using praise effectively - useful for when your work-life balance is suffering.

The third section contains examples to spice up your teaching. The authors give good subject specific examples to accompany the ideas. The book ends with an A-Z of insights, ideas and websites. Overall, the book makes an excellent read for both experienced and new practitioners and I highly recommend a read. - Learning & Teaching Update




Stephen Chapman is the Managing Director of DragonflyTraining Ltd and has delivered CPD at hundreds of schools in the UK and Internationally. He has been a highly innovative history teacher and has a proven track record of success atnot only his school in London but at schools in Nairobi and The Bahamas.

Steve Garnett delivers innovative,
exciting and inspirational learning
and teaching focused INSET. Such is
the demand for his work that it not
only involves working across the UK
but regularly involves International
commitments in Europe, the Middle
East and South East Asia too.

Alan Jervis taught in seven different
High schools for more than 28 years.
He has delivered over 600 courses
to teachers in Britain on Brian based
learning, delivering outstanding
lessons, thinking skills, emotional
intelligence and Assessment for
Learning. Alan has also delivered over 700 courses
in Science, mathematics, technology, P.E., R.E.,
geography and Child Development. He has also
trained teachers in Europe, the Middle East and the
Far East



Authors : Chapman, Garnett and Jervis.  Pub 2011  UK   Pb 182 pages


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