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Math For All

The program offers lots of discussion  and practical mathematical ideas that you can introduce to your classrooms as well as a wealth of material on inclusion strategies for all students.

Developed by the Education Development Centre and Bank Street College of Education in USA this professional development program shows general and special education teachers how to collaborate to provide a high quality, standards-based mathematics education to all students, including those with disability.


This program emphasises how the neuro-developmental demands of a maths lesson interact with individual students’ strengths and needs. The authors provide step-by-step guidance for adopting materials activities and instructional strategies to make lessons accessible to all students.


You have the advantage of The workshop information including all the handouts, worksheets and curriculum materials without having to attend them in person.


The five workshops cover the following material: –


Workshop One :Planning Maths Lessons that Reach all Learners :-

Lesson materials – Investigations into:-

1. Things that come in groups

2. Skip counting and hundreds charts

3. Arrays and Skip counting

4. The language of multiplication and division

5. Problems with the larger numbers


Workshop Two:   Supporting Language Functions

 Lesson materials: Investigations into:-

 1. Introduction to data for analysis

 2.  Landmarks in the data

 3.  A Data project :Investigating sleep


 Workshop Three: Supporting Memory Function

  Lesson materials :-

1. Finding factors

2. Using landmarks to solve problems

3. Constructing a 1000 chart


 Workshop Four :  Supporting Psychosocial Functions

 Lesson materials:

1.  Geometry 


Workshop Five : Supporting Higher Order Thinking Function

Lesson materials:

1.  Exploring distance between numbers

2.  Multiplication and division situations

3.  Ways to multiply and divide


Author: Moeller et al Pub 2011 UK and USA  Pb large format 225 pages


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