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Mental Health Practice in Today's Schools: Issues and Interventions

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In today's schools, the variety and consequences of mental health problems are growing and receiving greater public attention.

Dwindling resources add to the difficulties of providing adequate mental health services.

This practice-oriented, one-stop resource addresses the key mental health issues and challenges facing school-based mental health professionals and helps to facilitate effective and focused mental health consultation, training, and counseling within the school setting.

Grounded in a tiered intervention approach to school psychological practices, this text focuses on preventive and proactive services that are integrated at the school-wide and classroom levels, as well as more intensive mental health screening and services for the most vulnerable students. 

In addition to addressing core mental health issues such as screening for at-risk students, culturally sensitive practices, services and supports for parents, and the role of micro-skills in daily practice, this text also covers such critical topics as service provision for children with Autism and ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, school crisis intervention, psychopharmacology, cyber-bullying, conflict mediation training, and substance abuse.

It facilitates knowledge and awareness of evidence-based mental health practices in schools, and describes state-of-the-art mental health screening instruments that can be used to identify at-risk students.

The relationship between mental health instruction and support within the school is also explored.

Chapters feature illustrative case examples as well as summaries of key concepts. Both current school professionals and graduate students of school psychology, counseling, and social work will find this book an essential resource. 


Section I: Core Professional Topics 

Chapter 1 RTI and Mental Health Intervention (Bridgette Peteet, A. Kathy Burlew, Chizara Ahuama-Jonas, Caravella McCulstian University of Cincinnati) 

Chapter 2 Screening At-Risk Students for Mental Health Intervention (Amity Noltemeyer, Miami University) 

Chapter 3 Mental Health Integration and Collaboration Within Communities (Susan Davies, University of Dayton) 

Chapter 4 School-based Law & Ethics and Mental Health Services (Deborah Pergament, Children’s Law Group & DePaul University College of Law; Mary Kay Klemish, Seyfarth Shaw LLP Law Firm) 

Chapter 5 Culturally Sensitive Mental Health Services (A. Kathy Burlew, University of Cincinnati & G. Susan Mosley-Howard, Miami University) 

Chapter 6 Micro-Skills: Daily Practice for Mental Health Providers (Michelle Hall, Xavier University & Shannon Flaum-Horvath, School Psychologist [Pickaway County, OH]) 

Chapter 7 Solution Focused- Brief Therapy (Cynthia Franklin, University of Texas – Austin & Kristen Bolton, University of North Carolina - Wilmington) 

Chapter 8 Reality Therapy and School Practice (Robert Wubbolding, Center for Reality Therapy) 

Chapter 9 Mental Health for Educators (Raymond Witte, Miami University) 

Section II: Special Topics 

Chapter 10 Bullying (Dorothy Espelage, University of Illinois) 

Chapter 11 Cyber-bullying & Sexting: School Mental Health Concerns (Sheri Bauman, University of Arizona) 

Chapter 12 Suicide Prevention and Intervention (Scott Poland & Cheryl Kornfeld, Nova Southeastern University) 

Chapter 13 Understanding the Impact of Physical & Sexual Childhood Abuse (Jennifer Green and Terri Messman Moore, Miami University) 

Chapter 14 Substance Abuse (Josh Hersh, M.D., Private Practice) 

Chapter 15 Psychopharmacology (Josh Hersh, M.D. Private Practice) 

Chapter 16 Student Threat Assessment (Dewey Cornell, University of Virginia) 

Chapter 17 School Crisis Prevention & Intervention: Emergency Preparedness and Response (Amanda Nickerson, University of Buffalo, Scott Woitaszewski & Todd Savage University of Wisconsin-River Falls;) 

Chapter 18 Mental Health Intervention Case Studies (G. Susan Mosley-Howard, Miami University and Mona Burts-Beatty-Hamilton County Educational Service Center-Ohio)



Raymond H. Witte, PhD, NCSP, is trained and licensed as a school psychologist and provided educational and psychological services to the Jessamine County School System in Nicholasville, Kentucky, the Albert Chandler Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky, and Midway College in Midway, Kentucky, before joining the faculty at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in 1993. Dr. Witte's professional training and current instruction focus on individual and system assessment and intervention, transition services, and diversity awareness, along with mental health provision in the schools. During his 21 years at Miami University, Dr. Witte has given undergraduate and graduate instruction in the areas of educational assessment and evaluation, psychological assessment and intervention, and practicum supervision, along with program design and evaluation. He has completed two textbooks in the area of assessment: Assessment in Special Education (2014) and Classroom Assessment for Teachers (2012). He is also currently working with the Cincinnati Children's Medical Center on assessing the effectiveness of their employee diversity-training program




Authors: Witte and Mosley Howard   Pub 2014  USA  Hbk 454pages


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