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Music CD's for Children - see also Meditations & Visualisations for Children category



CD: Jump In - Stories and Songs for Children
Jump In: Stories & songs for children set in the Australian landscape is a collection of 4 stories and 4 songs for children inspired by the season of Summer.......
CD: Come Gather
Tales and Songs to Warm Young Hearts
For 3-9 year olds. Inspired by classic folk tales and often set in the Australian landscape. Perfect for quiet mornings, rainy afternoons and peaceful car trips......
CD: Wake Up
Tales and Songs to Grow Young Hearts
For 3-9 year olds
A delightful collection of spring stories for children often set in the Australian landscape......
CD: Woody's World Good Morning Kids
A Musical World where Magic Happens.
An Australian CD of17 mainly original songs for Australian kids of all ages......
CD: Wiggle Jiggle Fitness Fun by Ronno.
Optimizing Fitness and Learning through Play-Based, Developmental Movement.
Ideal for ages 4 - 7 years. Here is a dynamic collection of playful fitness songs to help young children integrate critical developmental movement patterns while preparing them for easier learning and more advanced exercise....
Star Dreams
Floating Music for Sleep, Dreaming and Quiet Times of Relaxation.....
CD: The Mozart Effect for Children - Vol. I Tune Up the Mind
For homework and study; improves memory and concentration.
CD: The Mozart Effect for Children - Vol. 2 Relax, Daydream & Draw
For quiet times and quiet classroom, before bed.
CD: The Mozart Effect for Children - Vol. 3 Mozart in Motion
Enhance motivation, body movement and right brain creativity.
CD: The Mozart Effect for Children - Vol. 4 Mozart to Go
Mozart's best loved music chosen to stimulate, engage and inspire.
CD: The Mozart Effect For Babies Vol 1: From Playtime to Sleepytime
Music to help move the baby and infant from play to rest and relaxation.

Suitable for: Babies from 3 months to 3 years
CD: The Mozart Effect For Babies Vol 2: Nighty - Night
Helps to establish a peaceful bedtime ritual to wind down at the end of a hectic day and is the perfect accompaniment to bedtime stories, chatting or prayer.

Suitable for: Babies from 3 months to 3 years
CD: Mozart Effect for Babies Vol 3: Playtime Daytime
Daytime Playtime
Your baby's social, intellectual, emotional and physical skill develop through safe, healthy and creative play.
Using the music of Mozart to enhance your baby's skills, like....
CD: Guitar Lullaby
Beautiful Classical Guitar to coax your child to irresistible sleep......
CD: Latin Lullaby
Beautiful Lullabys sung in the romantic latin language to help your little one drift of to a dreamy sleep....
Character Development CD: Songs for Kids
This CD is another exciting product from Ronno- the award winning internationally acclaimed children entertainer.
This lively and engaging presentation will encourage your children to develop core values and grow as individuals and responsible citizens..
CD Rockin' Reading Readiness by RONNO
From Ronno's stable eg Catch a brain Wave and Smart Fitness,Smart Foods comes another upbeat musical Cd.The songs inspire children to learn valuable literacy concepts from 14 tracks.......
Suitable for primary school age (4 to 9 years old)
Jump Start Action Songs CD
By the Award winning Canadian children's entertainer RONNO.
So Jump Start your children's mind and motor development with winning songs and movement activities.
CD: Yes I Can! Songs By Ronno
Fun Songs Encouraging Self Esteem, Confidence and Empowerment

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