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Pedagogy of Commitment (sale copy)

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Pedagogy of Commitment

“In this new book, Paulo Freire makes the explicit link between his pedagogy, politics, and philosophy. This is a unique contribution to the Freire corpus, indispensible for anyone who wants to understand the range and depth of Freire’s thinking.

In these pages we find crystal clear statements of the necessary link of the politics of radical humanism for education, revolution, and freedom.”

Stanley Aronowitz, Graduate Center of the City University of New York


This new book, constructed from Paulo Freire’s writings near the end of his life, is characterized by the eloquence of his dreams—dreams that constituted the utopia underlying Freire’s lifelong work.

Freire challenges all educators to create Circles of Dialogues, or reflective spaces, for passionate and critical reflection that is coherent and humanizing, favoring the oppressed peoples of the world.

The chapters, crafted toward the end of the twentieth century, reflect Freire’s deep concern with the assault by neoliberal policies on the basic democratic rights of the dispossessed, as he argues for the right and facility of the people to take power by reinventing power democratically.

Freire’s critical reflections were prescient of the twenty-first century’s revolts and denunciations of autocratic and antidemocratic policies during the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, and other courageous demonstrations for social justice throughout the world. Once more, Freire challenges our conscience in accessible, deep, thought-provoking writings that urge us to rehumanize popular education, employing “critical reflection steeped in history, [and] a more critical knowledge of how society works and functions.”



“Freire was not merely focused on literacy, but literacy as a means of consciousness raising, as a means to understand oppression, for raising questions about your position among the oppressed—and why you shouldn’t accept it—and questions about what your society is like and why it should be changed.”
—Noam Chomsky

"Pedagogy of Commitment provides a brilliant example of the range and scope of Paulo Freire's understanding of education as the practice of freedom and its far-reaching influence throughout the globe. This book is steeped in history, addresses the role of pedagogy in different geographical contexts, and offers a constant challenge for what it means to make education critical and transformative. This is an essential book on Freire's work and is crucial for understanding the revolutionary nature of his pedagogy and his important attempts to connect education to democratic social change.”
—Henry Giroux, McMaster University

Author: Paulo Freire  Pub 2014  USA  Pb 158 pages


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