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Move with Balance
Healthy Aging Activities for Brain and Body. As we get into our senior years our balance declines, with the associated risk of increased falls, and our cognitive decline are major concerns. This award winning program for Seniors based around Brain Gym improves balance and helps to stimulate our brains.....
Qigong Through The Seasons (ON SALE)
How to Stay Healthy All Year with Qigong, Meditation, Diet and Herbs
The program that supports good mental and physical health..
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (ON SALE)
CBT is a simple, effective treatment that will help you to change how you think and act and how you see yourself. You can overcome fears, manage negative moods, put worries into perspective, and improve your enjoyment of life.
CD: Brainspotting
Biolateral (Left-Right Brain) Sound Healing
includes a 5 page booklet
Bringing Dr Grands research work at an affordable price. Improve mental clarity, performance.......
Soul Safari Meditations for Life
For all ages from birth, your teenager, to your golden years
By Roxanne Paynter-author of Small Souls Meditations for Children. Take a meditative journey through the African landscape and discover........
CD: Letting Go of Anxiety
Best selling CD by Australian psychologist Sarah Edelman . Anxiety affects nearly all of us at some or the other in our lives, Sarah offers 6 different exercises to help us deal with it.....
Improve Your Eyesight Naturally
See Results Quickly.
This updated edition of this widely popular book details strategies designed to improve your eyesight by literally exercising your ability to see and without the need for surgery of any kind....
Meditations for Happiness : CD (ON SALE)
Rewire your brain for lasting contentment and peace.
This three CD set from the author of Buddha's Brain, Rick Hanson shows us how we can rewire our brain for pressing our level of happiness in our lives.......
Resilience and Self Care Strategies: CD
Positive Psychology and Mindfulness.
Simonette is an Australian pyschologist and has created this CD to help people through life's challenges, eg. a life crisis or a traumatic event....
Brain Gym for Business-Instant - Brain Boosters for On-the-Job Success
By Paul and Gail Dennison and J.V. Teplitz PhD
Parenting From Your Heart
Sharing the Gifts of Compassion, Connection and Choice through Non Violent Communcation (NVC), whether you're parenting a teenager or an infant...........
Get Out of Your Mind and into Your Life (ON SALE)
Stop Overthinking and Start Living
The New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy showing you how step by step to overcome depression; Transform emotional pain; commit to what you care about; and live a life you value....
ACT Made Simple (ON SALE)
An easy to read primer on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Written for Therapists it will also appeal to the keen layperson who is interested in looking at how to improve their own lives.
Wisdom Of the Body Moving
An Introduction to Body-Mind Centering based on the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.
Charkra Balance CD
Healing Music for Meditation and Yoga.
Let go of stress and immerse yourself in this healing sound.......
Buddha Dreamer : CD
Evocative journeys with an Eastern atmosphere for relaxation and to aid sleep


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