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Feel Brave Children Series
Feel Brave, a series of beautifully illustrated children’s picture books are designed to help children (4-7 year olds) explore emotional intelligence, positive psychology and some of the real-life issues they might face in an engaging and non-threatening way.
Ditty Bugs CD
Powerful rhythmical language is as an effective learning tool. Be amazed as your kids put useful things to memory! Includes 50 learning rhymes on audio CD......
Art of Being A Brilliant Primary Teacher
The purpose of this book is to help you have more amazing days by inspiring and challenging you to be the best version of you because, at your best, you’re flippin’ awesome!
Unicorns Are Real
A classic bestseller! An invaluable book for helping right-brained children develop needed academic skills.....
Mind Maps for kids
Mind Mapping is a breakthrough system of planning & note-taking that cuts homework time in half and makes schoolwork fun.....
Get Ready For School DVD
Be In The Know. Movement and Learning. Why is it important to your child's growth and learning ability. Developmental activities for pre-schoolers and junior school that you can do at home or in the classroom. New Edition. Now a Double DVD
Brain Gym Teacher's Edition
Product Code: BGTE
Brain Gym Teacher's Edition
By Paul and Gail Dennison
This is the new edition published in Jan 2010 and is greatly expanded and covers the 26 essential Brain Gym movements to improve reading, writing and comprehension.........

The Brain Gym Activities Chart for Children
Showing all 26 Brain Gym activities in full colour using photos of primary school age children.
Laminated Available in sizes A2 and A1
Energy Ball
Lights up and sounds when you touch the contacts with your fingers, even with a large group of people. Loads of fun for kids and adults.
A Cabinet of Curiosities
The Little Book of Awe and Wonder
Engaging learners through awe, wonder and more than just a little bit of ‘wow’!............
Rappin' on the Reflexes
A Practical Guide to Infant Reflexes
Songs and Movement Games for Children
While kids move and sing along with Rappin' on the Reflexes, they practice developmental movements that increase their physical, emotional, social, and academic well-being.
But don't mention that to the kids. They're just having fun.

Songs and Music CD Included
Social Skills Games for Children
Non competitive games for children to encourage their social development. Over 80 games.Great for parents and teachers.......
100 Learning games for Special Needs
Games with Music, Movement, Sounds and ....Silence for kids with Special Needs.
Kids learn best when playing.....
The Kinesthetic Classroom
Teaching and Learning Through Movement.
Current research shows that regular physical activity helps children and teenagers perform better in school. This inspiring book shows you how to integrate movement with classroom teaching and learning......
101 Relaxation Games for Children
Games to help teachers, parents, and others who work with children maintain or restore order, refocus children's attention, and break up the classroom routine
Creating Children's Art Games for Emotional Support
Game playing is a highly effective way of engaging children. This book offers an abundance of fun games that help children confront personal problems and issues in a light hearted yet meaningful way.This is an essential book for teachers to therapists and anyone supporting children and young people.
Focusing and Calming Games for Children
Mindfuness Strategies and Activities to Help Children Relax, Concentrate and Take Control.
Suitable for Children 5 to 12 years old and can be adapted for older children.
Having the ability to focus, relax and concentrate is key to enabling children and young people to achieve emotional well-being.....
Games and Activities for exploring feelings with children
Giving Children the Confidence to Navigate Emotions and Friendships.
This fun, imaginative and creative resource will get children 7 to 13 years of age thinking and talking about their feelings and the issues that affect their lives.....

Alex and The Scary Things
A Story to help Children Who have Experienced Something Scary.......
Stickley Sticks To It!
A Frog's Guide to Getting Things Done
Shows kids how to persevere on challenging task's with determination and confidence.
Age range 4-8 years........
The Yellow Book of Games and Energisers
Playful Group Activities for exploring Identity, Community, Emotions and More.
This book is for people of all ages- a vital resource for teachers, youth group leaders, trainers and just about anyone who wants more fun in their lives......
CD: Wiggle Jiggle Fitness Fun by Ronno.
Optimizing Fitness and Learning through Play-Based, Developmental Movement.
Ideal for ages 4 - 7 years. Here is a dynamic collection of playful fitness songs to help young children integrate critical developmental movement patterns while preparing them for easier learning and more advanced exercise....
Catch A Brain Wave Fitness Fun CD and/or Manual
Energizing Movements To Stimulate Brain Development.
By Ronno and Liz Jones Twomey, Developed with Carol Anne Erickson, Brain Gym Instructor.
This CD has won many awards. Suitable for all children ages 4 to 9 years old to improve learning power and fitness. Purchase CD or Manual or both.
Healthy Mindsets for Super Kids
A Resilience Programme for Children Aged 7 to 14
Australian Authors.
Being resilient and having strong life skills is important for kids. This great program....
The Garden in My Mind
Using the metaphor of the garden, this book is about growing through choices. K to 6, especially grades 3 - 6
The Garden in My Mind - Activity Guide
Lessons for social development and common core development K - 6, especially 3 - 6.
Includes CD with classroom printouts
Classroom ideas for teaching the skills.........
Disappointment Dragon:Learning to Cope With Disappointment
For All Children and Dragon Tamers Including Those With Asperger Syndrome.
Creative ways to deal with disappointment.....
Six Healing Sounds
Qigong for children with Lisa and Ted.
Ages 4 to 8 years.
Sounds that can make you feel bright and happy inside, transforming negative feelings into positive ones.........
The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook for Kids
Help for Children to Cope with Stress, Anxiety and Transitions
55 Activities to help your family reduce stress, fear and worry. Become more confident, relaxed and resilient and manage difficult emotions......Suitable for primary age children
Ladybird's Remarkable Relaxation
How Children ( and Frogs, Dogs, Flamingos and Dragons) Can Use Yoga Relaxation to Help Deal with Stress, Grief, Bullying and Lack of Confidence.
By Michael Chissick and Sarah Peacock the authors of the successful ' Frog's Breathtaking Speech'.....
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