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Reach Before you Teach

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Facilitating students’ unique paths towards identity development is the key to teaching young teens.

Students face pressures that undermine the development of a solid sense of self, jeopardising success in school and in life: Family issues, economic concerns, media influences, social pressures, physical changes, and more influence how students feel about themselves.

When these go unnoticed, even the best teaching methods fall short. Reach Before You Teach shows educators how to form the nurturing, individualised connections that make students feel worthy, fulfilled, and ready to flourish as learners.

The book details:

•Practical, empowering information about how a sense of self comes to be, and what threatens it.
•Interventions that soften the myriad defenses students develop to protect themselves.
•How to address the often-overlooked connections between physical, social, and emotional health and classroom performance.
Packed with real-life examples and results-delivering exercises, Reach Before You Teach supplies educators with the all-important skills to connect with students so academic and life success feels more attainable.

The benefits and features of this book include:

•Details seven straightforward, easy to implement steps to ignite passion and purpose in your classroom.
•Demonstrates the ethical necessity to reach the whole child and foster his potentials socially, emotionally, physically and, yes, cognitively.
•Includes a plethora of real life teacher illustrations showing the power and impact of the tools and strategies given.
•Provides over 50 interventions to reach and connect with each student in your classroom, particularly those students that seem to defy your previous attempts at connection and instruction.
•Offers techniques and strategies to form authentic connections with students and explains why these connections you create can mean the difference between thriving students and those who drop out.
•Incorporates opportunities to check in with yourself to develop awareness as to how your habits and views impact your teaching style.
•Details the functions and structure of the brain and offers ideas on how to share this information with your students.
•Explains how social emotional skills and focusing on the self will foster 21st century skills.



A Child’s Sense of Self Is of Paramount Concern
The Focus and Purpose of This Book
This Book Applies to Educators of Teens

1. The Self

2. The Development of the Self: Understand and Connect With the Self Behind the Desk

3. The Unaware Emotional Self: Soften Defenses to Foster Academic and Personal Growth

4. The Aware Emotional Self: Provide Tools for Emotional Management

5. The Cognitive Self: Use Cognitive Understanding to Awaken Potentials

6. The Social Self: Consolidate the Self in the Social World

7. The Physical Self: Support the Physical Self for Optimal Overall Health

8. The Self in the School Climate: How to Put the Environment to Work for You

9. The Self: Decision-Making, Motivation, and Giving Back

Final Interventions


Authors: Prentis et al  Pub 2013 USA   Pb 216 pages



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