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Brain Gym Activity Cards (SALE SET)
All 26 Brain Gym movement on individual cards allowing greater flexibility and games........
Defeating Teenage Depression (sale copy)
Depression is more than being sad or in a bad mood and it can make life feel like it is all too much. .......
Brain Gym and Me (SALE)
In this inspiring new autobiography, Paul Dennison tells how he overcame his own learning challenges to become an internationally known educator and authority on.....
Brain-Compatible Activities for Mathematics Grades 4 -5 (ON SALE)
This book provides for grades 4 to 5 ready to use, brain compatible lessons for mathematics instruction.......
Teaching Mathematics in Early Childhood (ON SALE)
Teaching critical maths concepts to preschool and kindergarten students......
The Dyscalculia Resource Book (ON SALE)
100 Games and Puzzles
Age range 7 - 14 years
CD Rom
Photocopiable Resources
This resource is ideal for teachers, teaching assistants and parents.......
Dyscalculia Tool Kit (3rd Edition ) (ON SALE)
Supporting Learning Difficulties in Maths for 6-14 year olds.
With over 200 activities and 40 games this book is designed to support learners who have difficulty with maths and numbers. Includes companion website....
Brain Compatible Activities for Mathematics Grades 2 to 3 (ON SALE)
Suitable for Grades 2- 3
Provides ready to use, brain comptible lessons for mathematic instruction.......
How to Teach Series: Primary Maths (ON SALE)
Subtitled: Anyone can feed sweets to sharks.....
Nick Tiley-Nunn: Britain's most imaginative, most exciting primary maths specialist. Over years of practice he has generated ideas about the teaching of maths that are so distinct, so far out and so utterly brilliant that any primary teacher.......
Teaching Mathematics Visually and Actively ( with CD) (ON SALE)
This practical book provides teachers in primary and secondary schools with advice and resources to develop a visual and active approach to teaching mathematics........
Overcoming Difficulties With Number (ON SALE)
Supporting Dyscalculia and Students who Struggle with maths
Age range 9-16 years
CD Rom
Structured Teaching Activities and Over 40 games......
Pog the Pug
Pog the Pug in the Search for Her Nose. Illustrated story book about differences.
Questions Children Ask and How to Answer Them (ON SALE)
Naturally curious, children often catch us off guard leaving us unsure of how to answer their questions with an appropriate response.........
No More Bed Wetting CD (SALE COPY)
No More Bed Wetting CD - Children's Sleep Stories. Using Positive & Safe Hypnotherapy Techniques.
Brain Gym Orange (Students Guide) Damaged Copy
By founders Paul and Gail Dennison, this Brain Gym book is designed for easy reference......
Learning To Learn (Damaged Copies)
Strategies for Accelerating Learning And Boosting Performance - Minimal Damaged copies available for $22 (Usually $34)
Mindfulness for Mothers (sale copy)
A book of wisdom and mindfulness exercises for mothers of young children...............
Follow up to the original bestselling book introducing the phenomenon of The Indigo Children.
Through Zoe's Eyes (sale copy)
This book gives hope and encourages parents to involve their children during adverse circumstances which will help develop a closer relationship.
The Dominance Factor (SALE)
ON SALE: How Knowing Your Dominant Eye, Ear, Brain and Foot Can Improve Your Learning.
By Carla Hannaford PhD
Developmental Drama (sale copy)
Dramatherapy Approaches for People with Profound or Severe Multiple Disabilities, including Sensory Impairment
Circle Time for the Very Young 3rd edition (sale copy)
Includes CD Rom - AGE RANGE 3 TO 9 YEARS. Provides teachers and practitioners with everything they need to get going with this great approach to increasing confidence and self esteem....
Pedagogy of Commitment (sale copy)
The late Paulo Freire, of Brazil, is perhaps the most influential education writer of our times. His many books, which include the classics Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Pedagogy of Freedom, have been translated into more than 40 languages..........
Into the Great Forest - A Brain Gym Journey
SALE COPY: Picture book using animals to express Brain Gym movements.
Motivational Interviewing (on sale)
When adolescents are truly motivated to pursue a goal, their energy, intensity and capacity for change can be remarkable. This pragmatic guide spells out how to use motivational interviewing...
The "Putting on the Brakes" Activity Book for Young People with ADHD - SALE COPY
Previous Edition: Provides dozens of ways to spark and hold the interest of young readers with Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder
Fraid Not: Empowering Kids with Learning Differences (SALE)
Sale Price: $11
The author shares how she has used Brain Gym and occupational therapy to empower children to grow, take risks and not be afraid of all life has to offer....
Ethics for the Young Mind (on sale - damaged)
A guide for teachers and parents of children becoming adolescents: re educating young people about behaving ethically.
I Am the Child (SALE)
ON SALE: This much loved book is now available again in its 2nd Edition. The author takes you through her experiences of working with brain gym with severely handicapped children.....
The Rock 'n' Roll Classroom (on sale)
Using Music to manage Mood, Energy and Learning
Picture this: a room full of boisterous students suddenly calms. A sluggish afternoon maths or language arts lesson turns dynamic. Music pours from an inexpensive MP3 player and you maintain control of your classroom without a word.
Suitable for Primary and High School
Pages: 1 2 


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