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Student Centered Coaching at Secondary Level

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'Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level provides both veteran and novice instructional coaches and school leaders with practical tips and tools they can use to move instructional coaching from focusing on teacher behavior to focusing on student learning. It provides strategies to help demonstrate the direct impact that coaching has on student achievement.'                Deborah Mitchell, New Teacher Induction Coordinator '

'This book is a fresh look at the topic of coaching, geared specifically for the secondary school setting, and taking into consideration the transition to Common Core and the increased focus on teacher effectiveness. This is a must read no matter what your experience has been with instructional coaching in the past: effective or ineffective.'              Leslie Standerfer, Principal


How Do I Make It Happen in My Own School? How to Use This Book.

1. Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level Why Student-Centered Coaching? A Comparison of Coaching Models: Student-Centered, Teacher-Centered, and Relationship-Driven Coaching Formative Assessment: The Foundation for Student-Centered Coaching A Case in Point: Corey at Benton High School Leading the Coaching Effort Tools and Techniques In Summary

2. Getting Student-Centered Coaching Up and Running Where to Begin? Invitational vs. Assigned Coaching The Flow of Coaching Coaching Cycles Engaging Reluctant Teachers Scheduling Student-Centered Coaching A Case in Point: A Framework for Coaching at Arrupe Jesuit High School Tools and Techniques In Summary

3. Coaching Teachers to Assess and Deliver What Does it Mean to aAssess and Delivera? A Marriage Between Backward Design and Coaching Creating Opportunities for Students to Self-Evaluate and Receive Feedback A Case in Point: DSST Public Schools, Denver Taking it Beyond a Charter School in Denver Tools and Techniques In Summary

4. Measuring the Impact of Student-Centered Coaching Designing for Impact Using the Result-Based Coaching Tool to Measure Student and Teacher Learning First Things First: Identifying a Goal for Student Learning Collecting Baseline Data Planning Based on Student Work Capturing Teacher Growth Capturing Student Growth Measuring the Impact of Small Group Collaboration Tools and Techniques In Summary

5. Leading the Coaching Effort Merging Accountability and Support Whatas Our Focus? Driven by Data Analysis Leaders Know Good Instruction When They See It Clarifying Roles A Case in Point: Wilson Middle School Principal and Coach Roles Tools and Techniques In Summary

6. Designing a School Culture Thatas About Student Learning

Part I. Designing a Student-Centered School Culture The a No Opt Outa School Culture What About Buy-In? Qualities of a School That Maintains a Culture of Learning Developing Systems to Support Teacher Learning Dealing with Differing Beliefs

Part II. Coaching Within a Culture of Learning Culture and Confidentiality Feedback that Contributes to a Culture of Learning Using Video as a Source of Feedback A Case in Point: Beliefs at Arrupe Jesuit High School Tools and Techniques In Summary

7. Student-Centered Learning Labs Three Generations of Learning Labs: Model Classrooms, Peer-Learning Labs, Student-Centered Learning Labs Coaching and Follow Up Which Type of Lab is Right for You? A Case in Point: Learning Labs at Arrupe Jesuit High School Tools and Techniques In Summary

8. Developing Systems to Prepare and Support Coaches The aWhataa A Curriculum for Supporting Coaches The aHowaaA Framework for Supporting Coaches Differentiating for Coaches Engaging Reluctant Coaches A Case in Point: Supporting Coaches in Council Bluffs, Iowa Tools and Techniques In SummaryIn ClosingResources to Support Student-Centered Coaching

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Diane Sweeney is Lead Consultant for Diane Sweeney Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in coaching, literacy, and leadership. In her current role, Diane supports teachers, coaches, principals, and district leaders in the development of a student-centered approach for instruction and professional development. Diane has also served as a teacher, literacy coach, and university professor. She currently lives with her family in Denver, Colorado.


Author:  Sweeney   Pub 2013 USA  Pb 160 pages


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