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Success at School and Beyond (SALE)

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Success at School and Beyond' shows you seven simple steps how to boost your child's ability to learn, to have more confidence and self-esteem, for greater success in school and in life.

Having fun, being in the moment developing happier, healthier and confident children.

This is a book I wish I had when I was raising my children.  I dedicate my book to them.  I am excited to share my experiences and my story as a parent, grandmother with 23 years experience as a licensed Brain Gym® teacher specialising in learning and behaviour in child development and kinesiology. Brain Gym and our movement based programs have assisted thousands of parents and educators to help their children and students to perform better at school, get along better at home, and form healthy relationships. 

Raising a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted child is challenging, especially in the fast-paced world that we live in today. Your attitude towards this all-important job is what will make it fun and exciting for both of you.

I have learned that the community has an impact on the child. As a parent, you are only one of the many influences in your child's life. Grandparents, relatives, siblings, teachers, neighbours, life experiences and the world, all play a part. When parents choose to see their children as unique, curious, spirited, creative, energetic, lovely human beings, it pulls the parents' focus to the child's strengths. As a parent, you can support your child to grow in a positive encouraging environment to become more accomplished in life.

Life is busy, years fly by, and before you realise it, your children will be teenagers.

Becoming more informed and finding positive, effective strategies and techniques to use for your child early in life can completely turn things around for them.

I trust you can learn from my experiences. You may like to adopt into your life some of the knowledge and wisdom I have gained through my life's experiences.

This book is a step towards a better life for you, your child, and everyone around you! I encourage you to be open and curious, and enjoy exploring new information that you can add in your journey of life.


Praises for the 'Success at School and Beyond' book

"Thank you, Enza. I read your book, then I read it again and again. Each time I learnt something to help me as a new mum, and to give my boy the best start to life. It's great to refresh what is essentially important to guiding my child to a happy, fulfilling life. Thank you for all the great ideas. I'm excited to put those ideas into practice."    Lisa, mother


"What a wonderful book, written from the heart, and filled with gems of wisdom and information. It reflects the many years of personal research and education Enza has devoted to child growth and development, motivated by her deep desire to see every child has the best opportunity for happiness and to reach their full potential. It also reflects the wisdom of her own experiences as a mother and grandmother.

Some time ago, when my children were young, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on Brain Gym® that Enza conducted. Brain Gym® became an integral part of my daughter's daily routine with obvious and very positive results. It does work, and so do the many other insightful and valuable principles and techniques Enza has shared in this book. I now have two healthy, happy, and successful adult daughters. Enza, I applaud your passion, dedication, and desire to share the valuable knowledge and wisdom you have acquired over the years, and highly recommend this book to every parent and parent to be."              Debbie, mother


"I have just finished reading Enza's book. It is one of the most informative, balanced books I have read on building self confidence in your child. I really do wish I had something like this when I was raising my own children. I think I raised them on a wing and a prayer. I am now a grandmother and find it one of my deepest joys to be fully involved in my grandchildren's lives. I have learnt a lot from Enza's book, which I plan to put into practice – I plan to 'Be in the Moment' much more – it is so easy to be busy doing something and miss opportunities for fun. Thank you, Enza, for this timely reminder. I wish you every success with your book and your future endeavours in this most important field."             Judy, mother and grandmother


Author : Enza Lyons Pub 2014 Australia  Pb 129 pages




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