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The Elephant in the ADHD Room (ON SALE)

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The Elephant in the ADHD Room (ON SALE)

Boredom and boredom avoidance drive the behaviours of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity – the diagnostic criteria of ADHD.

This is the first ADHD resource to thoroughly explore the connection between the two.

This book is full of innovative approaches for professionals working in clinical, educational and therapeutic settings to help those with ADHD beat boredom and engage with tasks and goals they want or need to achieve.

These are presented with strategies specifically designed for toddlers, children, teenagers and adults. They can then be incorporated into schoolwork, jobs, relationships and everyday life.

This practical resource will provide professionals who diagnose, treat, coach, and teach those with ADHD or those who suffer from frequent or pervasive boredom, with the tools to alleviate the discomfort of boredom in order to improve both concentration and mood.


Part I. Boredom, ADHD and the Elements of Interest.

1. The Premise.

2. Boredom and ADHD Through the Centuries.

3. Elements of Interest in Spontaneous Expression.

4. Top 10 Joys.

5. Elements of Interest from Childhood Pastimes.

6. Using the Elements of Interest as Tools.

7. Freedom and Boredom.

8. Attention, Focus, Hyperfocus, and Flow.

9. Boredom in Addiction, Recovery, and Relapse.

Part II. Fostering Interest by Age Groups.

10. Introduction to Part II: Fostering Interest in Children by Age Groups.

11. Infants and Toddlers.

12. Preschool, Ages Three to Five.

13. Elementary School, Ages 6-10 Years.

14. Middle Schoolers, Ages 11 to 13.

15. Boredom and ADHD in High School.

16. Adulthood.

17. Conclusion. Index.



Letitia Sweitzer, M.Ed., BCC, ACC, is trained in ADHD coaching by the Edge Foundation (www.EdgeFoundation.org). She coaches adults and young people with ADHD as well as enjoying a general coaching practice and working at a drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre. She previously worked for the Atlanta Speech School teaching students with hearing, speech, language and learning disabilities. Letitia has collaborated on several books and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.



Author : Lettia Sweitzer  Pub 2014  USA  Pb 208 pages


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