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The Rock 'n' Roll Classroom (on sale)

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The Rock 'n' Roll Classroom

The book will give teachers of all grade levels specific ways to use music in the classroom to raise mood, manage energy levels, increase engagement and focus, and help students more effectively process content for long-term memory storage -- all resulting in increased learning and ultimately, increased test scores.

This book provides all the knowledge a teacher needs to start using music effectively in the classroom, including the full spectrum of appropriate classroom uses, the research that supports each use, and specific strategies for implementation. In addition, the book offers long lists of field-tested songs for each use.



1. Music a A Powerful Teaching Tool

2. So Happy Together: Using feel good music to manage student mood

3. Calming The Restless Natives: Using music to reduce excess energy and stress

 4. They Like To Move It (So Let Them): Using pump-up music to energize students

5. Music To Work To: Using background music to increase focus on individual work

6. Come Together (Over Music): Using background music to facilitate group activities

7. Learn It Through A Song, and Remember It Forever: Using music to create robust memory of content

 8. Your Magical, Musical Bag of Tricks: Fun and effective management strategies for using music

9. Putting It All Together: Policies and procedures, hardware and software, planning and implementation

Appendices References Index




'Get ready for your students to start tapping their heels and increasing their brain power!' Emmalee Callaway, Gifted and Talented Teacher '

Music ties the past, present, and future together within the Arts as a heartbeat promoting learning. This is especially geared to a personas development in learning from birth throughout oneas life as a learning tool to add to the other strategies of learning in all aspects of life.' Melanie S. Hedges, Art Teacher, NBCT

 'Teachers will rock their students day with The Rock and Roll Classroom. This comprehensive work not only applies to enhancing classroom instruction, but has a world of information on the topic of music as it affects us every day.' Beth Madison, Principal

'As a High School Principal, I am always seeking creative ways for my teachers to impact student learning in positive ways. After reviewing this book, I am convinced that music can not only benefit student learning in the 21st century classroom, but can invite students and teachers to be energized and focused on instruction.AThis book will definitely be a book study option for my faculty during their weekly PLC meetings in the future.' Steve Knobl, Principal

 'This is the book I have been waiting for! I have tried to use music in my classroom for years and have always felt like I fell short of the mark, but didnat know how to fix it. Now I have a better understanding of how to use music in my classroom in a fun and effective way.' Pamela L. Opel, Science Curriculum Specialist

Author Bio

Richard Allen is an international consultant with more than 25 years experience coaching trainers and educators. Cofounder and president of Education Illustrated, he has taken the TrainSmart strategies beyond the United States and Canada to such diverse countries as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, Russia, Jordan, and Brazil.

Allen is also a popular keynote speaker at international conferences, and he facilitates motiA­vational and teambuilding workshops. Allen started his educational career as a high school math and drama teacher.

In 1985, he became a lead facilitator for SuperCamp-an accelerated learning program for teens-and has since worked with more than 25,000 students worldwide. He completed his doctorate in educational psychology at Arizona State University, where he studied how the human brain receives, processes, and recalls information-knowledge that informs all aspects of his training strategies.


Authors: Allen and Wood Pub 2012 USA  Pb 293 pages


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