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Your Life on Purpose

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So many of us postpone pursuing our goals and dreams because we think we’ll get to them later, when we have more time or feel we are worthy of  them.

As a result many of us go through life feeling weighed down by daily responsibilities and our own self-doubts, entirely disconnected from a sense of real purpose.

Your life on purpose is about doing what matters to you every day instead of waiting for the perfect time to feel fulfilled and alive.With this book as your guide, you learn to move past daily distraction, fear of failure, and self judgement, and zero in on the passions that connect you with your true self. You deserve to live a life of purpose, aligned with your deepest values.

With " Your Life on Purpose " you will discover how to:

  • Find and do what you're passionate about
  • Find your way when values conflict
  • Focus on what truly matters to make your dreams a reality
  • Keep mental obstacles, fears, and daily demands from blocking your path to fulfilment
  • Make a lasting impact on the world

This book was written by three psychologists and is based on acceptance and commitment therapy although this book is not about therapy itself it's about how to live your life on purpose and starts off asking three questions.

Am I living my life on purpose?

What is the purpose of life?

What is the purpose of my life?

Just about everyone has considered these questions at least once. People differ in how they answer the first two, and like discussions of politics or religion, they tend to spark lively conversation and debate.

The third question, though, is different. There is no escaping the answer, you're a living and breathing testament about whether it's true to you. So do you really know what really matters most in your life? Are you living a life that matters on purpose? If not, it's time to wake up.

Once you have mastered the techniques in this book and living a life that matters to you,you can teach the ideas to your children and help them do the most important thing in life – living a life on purpose.


Authors: Mckay, Forsyth and Eifert  pub 2010 USA Pb 209 pages 


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