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Aural Learning with some Great Products



CD: Wiggle Jiggle Fitness Fun by Ronno.
Optimizing Fitness and Learning through Play-Based, Developmental Movement.
Ideal for ages 4 - 7 years. Here is a dynamic collection of playful fitness songs to help young children integrate critical developmental movement patterns while preparing them for easier learning and more advanced exercise....
Catch A Brain Wave Fitness Fun CD and/or Manual
Energizing Movements To Stimulate Brain Development.
By Ronno and Liz Jones Twomey, Developed with Carol Anne Erickson, Brain Gym Instructor.
This CD has won many awards. Suitable for all children ages 4 to 9 years old to improve learning power and fitness. Purchase CD or Manual or both.
Smart Fitness Workout/Smart Foods Products
Brain - Based Movement & Healthy Nutrition Songs plus Physical (Brain Gym) Routines
by RONNO & Lix Jones Twomey.
Choose from CD, DVD and Manual or combo discounted purchases.
Feelin' Free Songs and Stories for Sensory Integration + Audio CD
Music and Developmental Movement for Children.
Original songs and stories.
Eve is magic! This music works for kids from one to ninety-one........
The Children's Song Book & CD: Movement and Learning
Includes Book & CD
By Brendan O'Hara
Wombat and His Mates - Songbook & CD
Sequel to the Children's Songbook.
Includes Book & CD.
By Brendan O'Hara
The Bean Bag Ditties CD Plus 2 Bean Bags
Movement & Learning Combination Pack
Movement & Learning Combo - save $15
CD: Baby Connections Song Time
Optimising Fitness and Learning through Play-based Development Movement.
Supporting Emergent Literacy with Song and Movement. Ideal from birth to age 18 months ( some material adaptable for ages 2- 3 years.....
Brain Gym - Music for encouraging young children to complete Brain Gym movements
By Tessa Grigg, Brian Ringrose and Sandy
Hands On - Ideas to Get Kids Ready for Learning
100 page collection of songs, rhymes, chants and stories using Brain Gym movements.
CD: The Mozart Effect for Children - Vol. 2 Relax, Daydream & Draw
For quiet times and quiet classroom, before bed.
CD: The Mozart Effect for Children - Vol. 3 Mozart in Motion
Enhance motivation, body movement and right brain creativity.
CD: The Mozart Effect for Children - Vol. 4 Mozart to Go
Mozart's best loved music chosen to stimulate, engage and inspire.
CD: The Mozart Effect For Babies Vol 1: From Playtime to Sleepytime
Music to help move the baby and infant from play to rest and relaxation.

Suitable for: Babies from 3 months to 3 years
CD: Mozart Effect for Babies Vol 3: Playtime Daytime
Daytime Playtime
Your baby's social, intellectual, emotional and physical skill develop through safe, healthy and creative play.
Using the music of Mozart to enhance your baby's skills, like....
Wisdom Of the Body Moving
An Introduction to Body-Mind Centering based on the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.


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